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Publishes OSGi services as JAX-RS RESTful services.

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Provides a JAX-RS integration based on Jersey with OSGi. The implementation uses an OSGI Extender pattern.

If a JAX-RS integration is configured for a bundle a JAX-RS application is created automatically and registered in a Servlet container to the Apache Felix HTTP whiteboard service. This is done transparently to the bundle, only the application path has to be configured and each JAX-RS components has to be registered as an OSGi service using a special marker interface.

This connector only support publishing REST interfaces via JAX-RS. Consuming them via the JAX-RS client interface is not supported.


  • Jersey and some additional bundles are requires, see this example for details


  • Aries JAX-RS Whiteboard - Implementation of OSGI RFC-217.
  • OSGi JAX-RS Connector - basically similar concept as the Caravan JAX-RS integrations, but creates always one single big Jersey Application for all bundles which breaks isolation between the bundles e.g. concerning @Provider JAX-RS components. Besides this the implementation is very stable and well maintained, and does not only support publishing but also consuming JAX-RS services within OSGi. This comes at a price of a quite complex implementation and a lot of dependencies.
  • JAX-RS Extender Bundle for OSGi - quite old implementation based on the OSGi extender pattern. Builds one JAX-RS Application per module, but the JAX-RS components are not OSGi components, so OSGI dependency injection is not possible.

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Version: 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2022-06-23.