About JSON Transformation

A stream-based JSON manipulation library.

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Streaming pipeline starts with a source which transforms the input data into JSON elements. At this time JSON and XML is supported. Offering an iterator interface the elements can get requested by a Processor or Sink.


Processors modify the JSON element stream. Extending the Source interface a further Processor or Sink can get appended.

The module offers the following Processors at this time:

  • ArrayProcessor: converts a JSON object into a JSON array and all children into JSON objects without name
  • NumericFieldsProcessor: converts the value of a JSON object to a BigDecimal
  • RenameProcessor: changes the name of a JSON element


Sinks write/convert the JSON element stream to any format. At this time writing JSON into an output stream and Jackson Node conversion is supported.

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Version: 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2024-03-21.